Your Artwork

by amber   Sep 6, 2008

I just want to say that this is still not quiet finished. I'm proud of how its coming so far but i'm still not satisfied with it as i would like to be. PLEASE vote and comment what you thought. i will gladly return the favor for anyone.
thanks for takin the time to read

You're creating eyes wash over me,
Taking in every curve
Every ounce of emotion i have,
Studying all my hurt

Your hand so smoothly moves over
Capturing every detail
You paint me with your honesty
You paint what i won't tell

Your eyes so gently caress me
And i feel as if i'm new
I feel i am your goddess
Who's body is found by you

Vivid colors you paint me with
Love, passion and fire
Making my body your masterpiece
An artist, himself, gone wild

Painting every emotion you see
Making me vulnerable again
But what you paint, noone will see
That i've felt any pain

For at the moment you're my mercy
Painting exactly what i show
But you are the painter of my heart
Which you so tenderly know

With steady hands you finish
And i see no pain, no hurt
For you are merely just in love
And i am your heart's art work

By: Amber


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