Must I.....

by amber   Apr 7, 2010

Must I always fall in love so fast?
Must I try so hard to please?
Only to wind up pushed back down,
As if begging upon my knees?

Must I always bend over backwards?
Must I always try so hard?
Only to find myself broken again,
And again with a shattered heart.

Must it always hurt to breathe?
Must it always hurt to care?
Always to wind up by myself,
Knowing you'll never be there?

Must it always hurt to know?
Know that I was nothing to you?
Must it always hurt to see?
There was nothing I could do?

Must I always feel this way?
Must it be called "pain" ?
Can I not just run away?
Never to look back again?

No...I must stay
For it will always follow,
Always lurking two steps behind,
Awaiting for the next tomorrow.

Forever I'll stay, forever be haunted,
Forever at a loss to you,
Forever to know that I lost the game,
Forever....There's nothing I could do.

Ok.....So......this is VERY ROUGH!!!!!!!!! it's not about one person in general....about the many thats passed and the many to come. I've not been blessed with a keeper yet. Go easy on this when you grade it....its been FOREVER!!!!
Thanks for any comments or votes....I'll gladly return the favor!!!
Thank You,


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Richard S

    It has been a while. I liked the content and the rhyme.

    Keep writing.

  • 11 years ago

    by Hilary Day

    I love it! It says so much. And I know how you feel. I have felt the same way. Only I just recently found myself a keeper! Keep writing. I love your work!