The Last Story

by amber   Aug 21, 2008

I held you for a long time
And i studied your smiling face
I looked into your brown eyes
Their beautiful almond shape

I looked deep into those eyes
And i saw into your soul
I saw the story of our lives
And a future left untold

I felt the wrinkles on your skin
THe weakness in your hand
I remember back to yester-year
When canes weren't needed to stand

When our hearts were wild with thunder
And our feet were so alive
The wildness in our young bodies
The thrill of the chase to survive

And then we had our children
What beautiful children we made
Wonderful crying little babies
Then they grew into the next stage

College soon came knocking for them
And away our babies flew
And once again, here we were,
Just the me and you

Adventurous days began with us
And we lived to see the world
By your side and holding your hand
I soon became the that girl

The girl you fell in love with
Who's attitude was bigger than her
Who's grown into a grandmother
And the memories are a blur

Now the time has come for me
To finally settle down
To take my place with the angels
To rest on Heavenly ground

You held me for a long time
And you saw into my soul
You saw the story of our lives
The last story i have told.

By: ~*~Amber~*~

ok guys. . . i know this poem isn't my greatest. i know the rhyme scheme is off. But this poem was dedicated to my mamaw and papaw. they are a beautiful couple who behold a love no other can touch. i would only be so lucky to have that love with my fiance. :) thanks for reading. please comment and vote. You know me :) i always return the favor :)


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