Sign it With a Period

by Independence Forever   Dec 25, 2008

Caught by indecision and lacking the power
feelings begin strengthening and hope to flower

once stood aside letting the enemy win
now barring passage and depriving sin

before unaltered and passive in nature
now daring to fight and to denature

not starting big in the pronounciation of high ideals
simply with a period to state no brokering of deals

just a humble period behind the signature's label
as if to state the ordeals he would fight to enable

no compromise, no giving in to pressure or evil
a clear cut statement of the lengths of his retrieval

a period, try it on for size:

Your Servant:

D. Johnson.

"This poem is just ecplaining why i put a period after my signatures"


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  • 11 years ago

    by BitterXSweetness

    I thought that ur poem was really good. Honestly, at 1st I didn't understand what u were writing. Or what u were trying 2 say. I had 2 read it twice over 2 basically get it. lol But I still don't get it all the way. =P But what I did understand I thought that it was really good. I loved the rhyming, and the style. The way u versed it. Not every1 writes poems like u. And I thought that was neat. The only thing that I think that u would have 2 work on is letting every1 understand. But that doesn't take away from ur poem cuz in itself it was good. =)