Negative Belief

by Cooper   Dec 30, 2008

*** Christ it's been a long time since I posted .... had to wait 'til I came up with something half decent ... ***

The arms of time are breaking off
from my heartbeat clock,
giving memories to another lover
beneath the skies of a fantasy land,
painted red,
I once removed my palm from my hand
to show my affection for misery,
do you believe in me?

My father is time
but my mother is death;
eternally inhaling
for a clean breath
I've been speaking to the buried behind masks of blind truth,
ghosts from my lungs have revealed the Earth cries,
do you believe in lies?

Everyone is waiting,
to hear the pregnant King speak;
giving birth to illusions.
Civilization is waiting
for someone to pry Jesus from the cross,
to drink the blood, the liquid courage, made of light ...

let me ask you;
do you believe in what's right?


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by Chelsea King

    I like this very much. It has strong meaning that most people are afraid to talk about. I think it is cool that you're not.

  • 15 years ago

    by Teria

    "My father is time
    but my mother is death;
    eternally inhaling
    for a clean breath"
    - Loved those lines.

    I liked this poem. Actually, I liked the first few (four or five) lines of every stanza. Then I believe they were taken out too long. They fit, they work, they don't mess up the flow or any of that. I just didn't like how you changed from short to long.

    Overall though, good poem.