An Ugly Brick Wall & Untold Stories Of Her Past

by ABake   Jan 6, 2009

My tall shadow bounces along an ugly brick wall;
My phone is in my hands, fingers moving furiously,
She's in pain, my best friend, my sister, my hero-
Before I know it, tears are flowing from my eyes.
Her story, like mine, is sad and filled with uncertainty...
I remind her that she is stronger than this, way stronger.

Far away in Ohio, my best friend sits in a cold room,
Telling me the painful stories I wasn't there to see;
My fists are clenched, what I would do to these people...
I say something stupid and her laughter fills the silence-
We chat about random stuff, she askes me about school,
Taking our minds into a different thought for now anyways.

When she reads this piece of poetry I have written,
I hope for a happy smile to form across her face.
She's my best friend and nothing will ever change that-
In a world full of liars, backstabbing people and pain,
You need that one person to count on, in person or in-
Spirit; I am here to catch her whenever she needs to fall.

karyssa, I love you <3 sisters for life.


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  • 11 years ago

    by BornAgainWriter

    Oh, Amber Baker.
    I.. knew I would love this poem. I just knew it. Everything you write, is a work of art. Regardless of what you say.

    I love it Amber.

    -hugs you-