My Art Teacher

by Ayumi   Jan 22, 2009

He who teaches us children
Gets disrespect from my classmates
My art teacher is very old
But he's very poor; he wants to make a living

It saddens my heart when no one listens to him
In all his life of teaching, never has he encountered this
The secondary students were much better than us
I feel so helpless when I see him suffer

My friends and I always talk to him
During recess or even in class
We got to know how poor he is, and how much of a sad life
He has to lead

He wants a better life
He can retire now
But he does not want to
He loves children
Because they're so bright

I cry as I write this poem
I cry as I see him suffer
I cry as he is not respected
I cry watching him try his best
I cry feeling ashamed to mention my classmates
In front of him

My art teacher, I'm so sorry
My friends & I can't make it up to you
We tried to make others have respect
Because you're actually a really great teacher
And never have we stopped respecting you


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Stephanie

    This poem is full of feeling and respect. I admire that in you.

  • 11 years ago

    by xLeftxBehindx

    I think you already made it up to him

    you talked to him and got to know him. I'm sure that means the world to him.

    This is a really nice poem, it shows alot of emotion and heart. The flow was perfect and was very lovley. Keep up the good work!