One of Many

by tearsforeveryscar   Jan 27, 2009

The black and white picture crumbles to the floor
life fell apart because she couldnt take it anymore

the look on his face shattered her heart
she figured it would be better with some time apart

the tears that fell, came from true blue eyes
eyes that from down deep screamed for another try

images of gray skies, empty days, lonely nights
flashed thru her mind by not fixing things to right

but screaming arguments felt just so wrong
she couldn't keep going she was never that strong

he walked in the door and shot her the eyes
the hurt and pain he didn't even try to disguise

but something changed, as warm arms wrapped around
suddenly there was compromise and compassion under the frown

she layed there in his arms the rest of the night
whispering to herself thats just one down of many fights


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