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life changes with every breath we take... but that doesn't mean we stop breathing

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  • You're not part of her circus
    so stop jumping through her hoops...

  • The black and white picture crumbles to the floor
    life fell apart because she couldnt take it...

  • A mother went and bought a gift
    before her sons big day...

  • I stand here in silence
    Walking down this road I don't belong...

  • You say you're doing this all for us, all for me
    Well I'm trying to do the same, I've left my...

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  • You changed everything about me to fit what you wanted me to be...

    then why is it that i can't hate you for still not wanting me?

    12 years ago
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  • Call me if you need anything she said.
    i have everything i need he said.
    it was then that she knew she was just another girl

    12 years ago
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  • Boy: i'm going to marry you
    girl: yea?
    boy: i'm going to then give you a ring
    girl just smiles
    boy: and then i'm going to make you a promise to love you forever. and we'll live our happily ever after

    12 years ago
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