Just the Lonely Talking Again

by HOLLYWOODxBANGBANG   Feb 23, 2009

In the heat of the moment, you took my quivering hand,
And together we ran through the bare city streets,
Screaming at the top of our lungs, with gunpowder on our tongues:
Three little bullets: "I love you" -- [Shh, listen..as our hearts beat].

The sun swallowed us whole as we sank into the horizon,
And the wind and birds were singing us softly to sleep,
With your fingers running lightly through my golden hair,
You hummed sweetly under your breath. [That song, I long to keep.]

I held tightly onto you, afraid to blink and have you leave,
And the clock was on our side, or so the story was told,
But that feverish tick forced the time by too fast,
Before I could open my eyes again, this news was old.

My favorite color used to be red, like crimson roses,
Until the day I watched your taillights disappear.
And I swore up and down I wouldn't turn back again,
But after-all, who's going to stop me? You're not here..

Eyes bloodshot and hollow watched you go down in flames,
While laughter echoed through my throbbing body,
And I doused the fire between you and the road back home,
But you weren't going to let me forget that easily.

I stood before the sun, watching as it swallowed the clouds whole,
And with a bittersweet smile, I turned to walk away,
Hesitantly, I stayed to fire those three little bullets:
"I love you.." [But maybe that's just the lonely talking again..]

- Jenna.Elphick
February 23, 2009


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  • 11 years ago

    by The Prince

    Wow, I'm so glad I came across this...

    I'm adding this to my favourites as you penned something that I've always wanted to. The atmosphere, your word choice, was all beautiful. It had magnificent cadence, and it flowed expertly from start to end.

    'Hesitantly, I stayed to fire those three little bullets:
    "I love you.." [But maybe that's just the lonely talking again..]'

    Excellent ending, nearly brought a tear to my eye...

    I'm nominating this.