Playing for Keeps

by HOLLYWOODxBANGBANG   Feb 24, 2009

When the sun was swallowed by the Harvest moon,
We knew that it was going to end all too soon.
But with your arms around my waist -- cheek against mine,
I knew that memory would survive against our greatest demon: time.
The wind had us strewn along the horizon, our toes in the sand,
And a tear fell from my eye when you gripped tighter onto my hand;
I could feel the blood pulsing through your shattering veins,
As we tried desperately to hold onto our haggard remains.

With a sparkle in your eye, you told me it was time to go,
And in your most fragile voice, you promised: "Just so you know,
This isn't the end of us, we can make it through anything;
I'm playing for keeps." -- [You left me dangling like a puppet on a string.]

I raced against the clock, hoping it might bring you back home,
Shame on me -- I always knew I was better off alone.
The butterflies in my stomach burnt and crashed, turned to ash,
And in the bottom of my heart, they writhe and gnash --
Wingless, as I am: holding the life in me to the clouds,
Waiting for the sun to beam on me, wrap me in shrouds;
And peacefully I can begin to sleep, while the stars weep:
Magnificent ribbons of pearl dance through the sky,
And softly, a cold fingertip pushes the tears from my eyes.

- Jenna.Elphick
February 24, 2009


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