Lovers and Liars

by HOLLYWOODxBANGBANG   Feb 26, 2009

His fingertips like satin, softly caressed my face;
Holding my breath, I smiled as my heart upped a pace,
And holding his eyes in the canvas of my mind:
I shook as our racing hearts delicately entwined.
["I wouldn't trade this moment for the entire world,"
His quivering lips carelessly unfurled;
Squeezing my hand as tightly as he could,
He whispered to me all the promises I knew he would.]

Trembling like a crisp leaf in the bitter Autumn wind,
He kissed me like he meant it... But my heart was chagrined,
The passion wasn't burning deep in his blue eyes,
His pupils were dilated, darker than the charcoal sky.
As his heart beat against mine, he took the chance:
Pulling me in, he asked me for one more dance.

In the dew-spotted grass, under a full ashen moon,
We both knew that this moment had come too soon,
But we were ready to make our worst mistake.
[He laughed at me when my breath began to shake,
Pressing his cold lips to my skin, he held steady;
And looking into my eyes, he asked if I was ready --
The full moon watched from behind hollowed rampant eyes,
As his silk fingers traced up and down my shivering thighs.

Hard as concrete, his good-bye was impossible to crack;
With passion in his eyes, he ran his hand down my back,
And I looked, one last time, at the man I thought I knew,
When he took my hand and whispered: "Baby, I love you."
[Boasting an astringent smile, he thanked me for the night;
And with all certainty, I believed he meant it, despite:
The passion wasn't broiling deep under his porcelain skin:
He was colder than the sharp winter's numbing wind.]

With a tear rolling down my chin, I watched him run from me,
Dying from his last words: "Lovers and Liars weren't meant to be."

- Jenna. Elphick
February 26, 2009


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