The girl I used to be

by Alleycat   Mar 5, 2009

I go out in search for the person I lost so very long ago,
that person who used to love winter for the beauty of its snow.

The person who was a sweet and caring girl,
the person who would always dance and twirl.

The person who no matter how much she hurt inside would always wear a smile on her face,
the person who looked as if just fallen from grace.

The person who had so many friends,
the person who loved with no ends.

The person who had never gotten hurt before,
the person who never knew what she had in store.

The person who never shed a tear,
the person who never had to live in fear.

The person who would always laugh and play,
the person who promised to always stay.

The person who lived life without a care,
the person who could never turn down a dare.

The person who would let everything be,
that person... yup thats me.

I set out in search for someone who can never be found,
that is how I found out every soul is bound.


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