I've Been Dancing For Almost 16 years

by ABake   Mar 28, 2009

I've been dancing competitively for almost 16 years,
I've been winning medals for about three of those 13-
But, in the end I am the ultimate winner. Because-
I am so much smarter now, I may not be wiser,
But it wouldn't be fair if I was better than the next.

I know all of the fancy moves I will ever need to know,
I can maneuver even the most complicated dance floors;
I've been known to wow even the strictest judges-
I don't think it's my dancing skills that's gotten me this far
Most would say it's my high level of intelligence.

I give thanks to all of my competitors, you've helped me
I've fallen down many times in my years of dancing-
Eventually I got up and kept on going with the music;
I smile all of the time and cry when necessary but-
Until this day, I am still dancing the dance of life.

sucks pretty bad.


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