by isabel   Mar 30, 2009

A distorted puzzle of burned out memories
Nourishes a black flower of decadence
And descant voices create frozen melodies
While a tempestuous suffer drains her essence

Like a lonely shadow, moaning all night long
There's nothing inside her... No one to hold...
No kisses ever shared... Nowhere to belong...
A storm inside her mind... She feels so cold...

Raindrops fall through her darkened hair
The wind pours the taste of a bleeding heart
"Life's nothing but a risk! Will you dare?"
Weeping illusions break the world apart

Sunshine keeps crawling through the wall
Yet she hopefully longs for Death to rise
And take her curled up body, ready to fall
The ghost of fate fades into a hollow surprise

When Death comes, glorious, into her house
There is only an old pillow, drowned in tears
And, inside the closet, a small, smiling mouse...
"Are you brave enough to fight back your fears?"


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  • 10 years ago

    by Dawn Ariscent

    So pretty, the way this is written is just elegant. It has so much meaning. It's almost like a puzzle trying to fit all of the meaning together into a cohesive unit, but I think it's really powerful that way. Good job :)