Cruel and Soothing

by Someones Sanity   May 15, 2009

Eyes closed off from the world
Not physically seeing the sun but
Feeling its heat soak into the skin and the ground
Surrounded by a shadow silhouette.

Sea gulls calling in the sky
The sound of fluttering wings
And ocean waves crashing
Against algae splattered rocks.

The shadow can taste the salt
That hangs heavy in the air.
The sand smooth as silk
Heats under the barrage of
Heat from the sun.

A red crab slowly meanders
Its way across the sand
Leaving tracks to be
Washed away with the
Next harsh wave.

The water a deep blue
That looks so hard and cruel
Like ice and frost that clings
And steals the life away
From once happy flowers.

Tells a story of mystery
And despair of travelers
Long past that once
Crossed the land in search
Of treasures and dreams that
Were crushed by the icy blue.

A lonely bottle floats
In the water battered
By the waves trying to
Keep the old weathering paper
From making it to the shore.

The waves that seem so
Cruel send a soothing
Sound that puts the shadows
Past and present in
A center of calm
Listening to the
Flutter of emerald
Palm leaves.


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