Do You Look At Me??

by Someones Sanity   May 28, 2007

The best of friends they were, they talked about everything.
He said he wanted to die in the coolest way possible.
She said she didn't care how she died as long as she wasn't alone.
He laughed and said he would be there for her so she wouldn't be alone.
She made him promise that he would be there.
He once again laughed but promised she wouldn't be alone.
She sat and listened to him talk about this new girl he met.
She smiled and was happy for him, he was oblivious to the fact she wasn't really happy.
Alone she looked at a picture of them, they were best friends.
Day in and day out she watched them, pretending to be happy.
At home she would cry, he didn't notice that she was hurting too preoccupied with his new girlfriend.
This happened all through high school.
At graduation she congratulated them and walked away.
She never showed up at his graduation party, she couldn't stand to be there.
He was worried but was distracted again.
She was asked to be the decorator and maid of honor at his wedding, she reluctantly accepted.
He was happy that his best friend was going to be there.
She never showed up at the wedding, he got worried. After the wedding he went looking for her.
She sat in an empty room at the reception with her best friend, pouring her feelings out about him.
He stood outside the door listening to the whole thing shocked.
She silently got up to leave opening the door she saw him standing there, she couldn't face him so she ran.
He watched her run and went to go after her, but was once again distracted by his wife.
She avoided him for years, only hearing about his children and mailing unaddressed cards to him.
He couldn't find her, it was almost like she disappeared off the Earth.
She was alone there was no one else.
He wanted to talk to her, he searched at first but always seemed to get distracted.
She always knew when something happened and would anonymously send cards.
He eventually forgot to look for her, too busy with his life.
She would still cry every night and talk to her friend.
He was oblivious to everything around.
She finally got the courage to go see him again, and went to leave.
The next morning he read in the paper of an accident, a women had died from a drunk driver.
Before she left she wrote out her whole life in a journal and addressed it to him, in case she couldn't face him.
The doorbell rang and he opened the door, two police officers were there with a notebook to him.
She saw the car there was nothing she could do, all she did was cry out his name as tears ran down her face.
He looked at the notebook, it was from his best friend that he had forgotten about and than the guilt hit him.
She swerved the car but was still hit, she died upon impact, in the one way she didn't want to, alone.
He sat down as it dawned upon him, he read the notebook and realized everything that he missed.
At the funeral he sat there alone, he couldn't bring his family, the guilt tore at him too much.
He had let his best friend down in the worst way possible.
Her best friend came up to him and asked if he knew.
He just nodded, and asked why she never said anything to him.
Her friend said that she wanted him to see for himself, she had never wanted to see him unhappy.
He looked down as it hit him that she was never happy, she never dated, never married, never had kids, died alone.
He went up and looked at her in the casket, she looked peaceful.
He wondered if she had ever been that peaceful after high school.
All he could do now was apologize even though it could change nothing.
Every week he would come lay flowers on her grave, the guilt ate at him.
He now wondered what life would have been like if he had actually dated her like he had wanted to .
He would never know what life would have been like with her.
It now made sense that he saw less and less of her during school, by the time of his wedding it was too late.
All he can do is beg for forgivness and ask her if she still looks at him now that she is gone.


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  • 13 years ago

    by Beautiful and Crazy

    Wow. that is deep girl. i love it tho. 5*


  • 13 years ago

    by Ducky Ramone

    Omg this poem is amazing. i almost cried. i got so into it that my friends phone started ringing and scared the crap out of me. thats the kind of poems i like to read. thanks for writing it. :)

  • 13 years ago

    by firexdancer

    Wow. this is beautiful, im not kidding, it almost made me cry it's so sweet.. the flow isn't perfect, but this poem doesn't need to have perfect flow or punctuation to be amazing, cause it already is. 5/5 i would give you a better vote but i can't so i'm adding this to my favorites.

  • 13 years ago

    by Lonely Little Dreamer

    Sadness..good moral to the story though..friends are shouldnt lose touch with them no matter if you have a significant other...anyways..feel free to read, comment and rate my material..i have several poems..enjoy!

  • 13 years ago

    by xPerfect Chaosx

    Omg Khrsytyne... I am like sitting here crying right now. That is so sad, yet so absoutley beautiful. It just goes to show that you should always look deeper than the surface. It was wonderful. 5/5

    Much Love,
    Cakehead #1