Will There Ever.....

by Someones Sanity   Jun 22, 2007

"Will there ever....?"

A very common question that passes the minds of everyone sometime in their life. Some more than others.

If asked what is the first thing that would come to mind?

"Will there ever be that special someone......?"
That seems to be the heart and minds' question everyday. Everyday there are couples everywhere, friends talking about boyfriends they miss during breaks. You want to feel sympathetic but its oh so difficult when you have never had that experience.

How many people actually hide what they are feeling so that their friends won't notice? How many nights go by laying awake wondering if you'll ever get to experience that.

Has it ever happened that the one person you start to like, one of your best friends starts to date, but they deserve it more than you do. What would you do? Stand in the way of the one time something good happens or take that away for someone who probably doesn't feel anything for you?

Will there ever....? A major question that no one knows the answer too. So many people say to make your own life, but how can you do that when you are there making sure that the ones closest to you are happy before you are?

"Will there ever be someone looking out for me like that....?"


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  • 13 years ago

    by xPerfect Chaosx

    Khrystyne. I look out for you like that. You are my best friend, sister. I know how it feels to like someone and always have to step down because your invisible to them. I know how much it kills to see them happy with someone else. Khrystyne, none of the guys in our school are worthy! NONE ARE WORTHY!! lol. Someday, there will be some guy who sees how truly beautiful you are and who appreciates you and loves you (never more than me of course ^_~ lol) and when that day comes and you finally get married, I'll be standing right next to you at the alter dancing around and being totally happy like the crazy loon I am. I can't wait for that day.

    Much Love,

  • 13 years ago

    by Lonely Little Dreamer

    Wow..its like you have tapped into my mind and my deepest thoughts...ive yet to experience a relationship at age 22..and i wonder sometimes will i ever...i always have been the one that steps down if me and a friend have the same crush..ive never really looked out for myself..its one of my flaws if you can call it one..i can definitely relate to those kind of feelings..but hopefully we will both get to experience what everyone else has one day..still holding out hope