by PassionCourageTriumph   Jun 17, 2009

Breathe in, now out
Feel the wind brush against your skin
The caressing of God's hand upon your cheek
Encouraging you to dance about

Swaying with the natural beat
The chorus that fills your ears
That music of the night
Its sound; beautifully offbeat

After the wind ceases
The rain begins to pour
Like joyful tears from the heavens
Each drop, an angels song, it releases

Waltzing all about
You feel the Earth's tremble
Assisting with the sway
Making you leap all about

Lightning strikes
Dramatic lighting for the stage
Visually enhancing each move
This sight God likes

The thunder sounds
Heavenly applause for your performance
Laying down on the damp earth beneath
As the rain slowly stops to pound

Inhaling, yet another deep breath
Becoming high off the earthy scent
Abstracting all that you can
To your soul it's like a cleansing bath

Feel the grass on your skin
Know that you have become one
Living life the way it is meant
Taking all that is offered, in


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