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i usually dont change my bio-but i figured it was time. . .ive been becoming a stronger writer and developing. . .um with that said please rate my new stuff so i can critique myself-thank you. . .now with the melodrama speech-
i am impressed by my continuation of growth that i achieve, be it writing or mentally...
i want all my readers to take a piece of life from my words and spread it around, because when i look at my environment i see the death of life...i am a product of love nothing more and nothing less...some people will never understand poetry, even when they try, but to me poetry isn't about understanding, but i know your tired of my lectures but i hope that you enjoy everything you read about me because the best part of me is what you read

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  • Suspicion arouses my thoughts
    curiosity tickles my nose...

  • I just want to wake up and
    not want to continue sleeping...

  • I was the child who never should have made it
    the one who didn't get praised a bit...

  • My smiles
    cause a cascading effect...

  • The sound of stillness
    awakens me...

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    i carry a heart on my sleeve
    and i pray you carry a glove
    i hope you catch all the love i throw to you
    sometimes i'll throw to high...sometimes
    i'll throw grounders...but i'll always throw your way

    14 years ago
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  • Close your eyes
    the best day ever
    open your eyes
    enjoy it!!!

    14 years ago
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  • (animals)
    love birds make nest
    lovebirds make stress

    14 years ago
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