Emptiness in My Solidity

by Cooper   Jul 4, 2009

*** Words in a format that describe feelings of love and hate outside the physical world ***

Touch me,
drifting from your source ...

Your beginning, and
your end, inside me ...

Impact me,
manifest an emptiness
around this hallucination
called a body ...

A source is flowing,
in and out,
suns on the verge of doom
feeding from my satellite ...

Touch me, satellites,
within the empty object
distances call the physical ...

Release me, satellites,
into emptiness
outside the object body ...


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  • 10 years ago

    by Nobodys Hero

    Your chioce of wording is beautiful and youv'e written the piece very well, the overall chioce of wording you have used adds more depth to the meaning of the poem =]
    The flow works perfectly and I was captivated from the start, an excellent job most definatly worth a vote 5/5