Yesterdays past

by Jenie   Aug 13, 2009

Back off me already
You need to turn around
Im leaving you behind
Along with you and this town

Stop showing up
Whenever your forgot
Stop taking away my happiness
And leaving me churned in a knot

I am holding my head high
So dont you kick me down
I am surviving this s*it
I will not drowned

I no longer go to you
For some kind of existents
I am my own person
So give me distance!

Im going two steps forward
So no jumps back, this time
What you did was wrong
So its time you accept your crime

Yes I occasionally shed a tear
But not because you make me weak
Ill only learn from this
I will arrive to my peak

Move on from me
And release my conscience
Im making something of myself
And have built a defense

Ive found my strength
In a lovers arms
He will build me strong
And protect me from your harm

Im walking away
Not for long, did you last
I am no longer feared
From the yesterdays past


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