Painful LOve

by Chelo   Sep 22, 2009

Your eyes and smile cause me pain,
Knowing that you played me,
Like a fool, I fell, going insane.
Those eyes looked at me as if to kiss me.
The thought of you lingered in my poor brain.
That pretty smile kept me up at night.
Then I fell deeply in love with you.
That is when the game ended.
Seeing you flirt with someone else I knew what we had was not true.
I cried day and night.
Thinking why me?
Tears pouring with such flight.
No therapy could help me,
My love towards you was too strong to forget.
My life came down on me,
Destroying every dream, I had.
Funny how a foolish game,
Lead to my death.


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  • 9 years ago

    by marina14

    (: very emotional really good