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Dont write as much as I use to. Its becoming a little hard to write fresh poems when my feelings are so cliche, but a little about me is I absolutely LOVE sports. Perferrably softball and volleyball :) Im a complete nerd..thank you very much lol. Meeting new people is awesome! So dont be afraid to hit me up.

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Latest Poems By HillaryNicole

  • Autumn leaves beautifully adorn the landscape,
    Blurred eyes, artistically smear the colors...

  • Pressed gently to her, the taste of someone else's...
    Linger fresh and unfamiliar upon mine...

  • Its getting so hard to write,
    About problems so cliche...

  • Broken (1)

    This was something I never wanted,
    Letting go of my best friend's hand...

  • Your voice carried on a soft wind,
    Its ringing loudly in my ears...

Latest Quotes By HillaryNicole

  • When one door closes, open a new one. Just make sure the previous one is locked because if it reopens, you may lose your way. (Meaning if your forced to chose between the two. You may become confused.)

    10 years ago
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  • A lonely fish stranded in an ocean of vast confusion can always find a new school.

    10 years ago
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  • I fell down once.
    I wont let you knock me down twice.

    10 years ago
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