Another Day

by Julie Raab   Nov 29, 2009

Every second is ticking away,
Not knowing if you will live to see another day.
They have no idea of the pain in your eyes,
And their true happiness is what you despise.
The laughs that they share,
You feel they don't care.
They will all tell you the same lie,
Trying to break you down and make you cry.
You cant deal with this pain,
Knowing you have nothing to gain.
Not wanting to cause them sorrow,
You tell them it will be better tomorrow.
Every tear that you cried,
Was for every time they lied.
Now that your tears run dry,
Its time go get up and give it another try.
You stand up in the path of a bullet,
And from the person it was meant you stole it.
Every second is ticking away,
Knowing you will not live to see another day


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  • 10 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Aww that's really sad but well written poem xxx

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