The Last Song of Sorrow.

by David Marshall   Jan 1, 2010

Once upon a time,
there were two little birds.
and of course every one would think these birds were free.
But they are caged.
caged from life, from love, from everything their little bird hearts could ever want.

One bird Promised the other bird he would free them.
The other could only lower her head and chirp in doubt.
"oh but i foresee coming moments, if only you could see them"
But she stands silent believing they will never get out.

everyday, their cages grew smaller.
everyday, their cages grew farther apart.
as life seemed to lose its color,
he tried to hold on, he listened to his heart.

"i know we can do this,
One day we will fly away."
"we will see the fall of night,
and the rise of day"

"baby look at me,
this heart beats for you."
We will find our own tree,
we will make it through."

she couldn't believe him,
although she wanted to very much.
she thought of it false hope,
she believed to be a crutch.

She still dreamed of the thought of it.
but knew it would never be.
Fueled by the distraught of it,
there was no existence of the word "free".

as the cages drifted to no ends,
he began to cry.
no song could be chirped,
no more dreams of the sky.

no clouds should await him,
no sun to warm the breeze.
hope turned so grim,
no more dreams of the trees.

eventually his cage was the only one left,
perched alone and numb.
caged from life, from love, from everything his little bird heart ever wanted,
terrified at what things have become.

The cage is so empty,
trapped forever, he can no longer pretend.
He sings one more song of sorrow,
a song called "The End".


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