Siren (In The Cold Light Of Day)

by Ed or Ian Henderson   Jun 19, 2010

I held you in my arms
We soared through our skies above the dark clouds.
I looked into your sunrise eyes
What was reflected was gold in my heart.
But gold is heavy.
You let me fall onto the rocks when the songs stopped.
You left me shattered.
Shards of love drove into me, a terrible pain.
Beleaguered, I retreat.
Watching you diminish through the clouds of my sky.

I was high on you.
You were drunk on me, whispering wants.
We locked ourselves in pre-dawn light,
With a secret here, to lie there.
The past created monsters.
Lurking monsters, they prey oh so fierce.
So you sing them your song,
And they dance to your tune.
I'm stranded, I'm beached.
Listening to your lament of familiar shores.

Move on.
Move up.
Golden songs.
For other poor souls.


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