Take The Opaque

by Ed or Ian Henderson   Jun 19, 2010

The struggle. The mindset.
The risk of going blind yet
Stumbling your way through the litmus of each day.
The worry. The anger.
The fear of the cancer.
The perspective of the times that you like to underline.

The battle. The onslaught.
The old disease that you caught
From peers and family, in the tower's ivory.
The danger. The worry.
You live life in a hurry.
You are not an ant, so forget your rabid rant.

Your struggle. Your mindset:
It hasn't fared you well yet
As you grieve though each day like a living tourniquet.
Your worry? Your anger
Will never find an answer
In the transparency of the life you try to lead.

My battle: no onslaught.
I'd rather pause that abort.
Reflection is the seed of the life I choose to lead.
The danger? I worry
I may coat the stick with honey
And celebrate the fake in a world I know's opaque.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Acoustic Odyssey

    I enjoyed the flow and the rhyme scheme, added much depth into your words. The message, was truly powerful, definitely a unique piece. I can't believe no one comment or vote. Brilliant Work!
    Take care