Pylons Are Perches

by Ed or Ian Henderson   Feb 23, 2012

I would ask, if only on my deathbed
For a day where all the power is gone,
No transatlantic streaks across the sky,
All the roads without a single car on.
Our feet and hands given old purpose.
Only yachts can chase down the whales.
Each computer a cumbersome paperweight,
Just one day without the spam mails.

We would hear, perhaps, nature's heart beating.
Taken aback by the removal of her gag.
We'd be rapt by a hush releasing hidden voices,
The rush and flap of each tree, banner, and flag.
I doubt mankind would hold high regard
For a night sky so beautifully starred.
To be kept from TV, net and microwave,
From piped hot water, from the credit card.

What I ask for would perhaps cause anarchy,
But you never notice the power 'til it's gone.
It's easy to take this all for granted,
When we consume with such reckless abandon.
Just one day to see the world as birds do.
We could perch on the pylons in flocks,
And hand-wash our clothes in the river.
Though the fish would be killed by my socks.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Anywhere But Here

    I love this poem. Funny, and with a easy to understand message.
    Good job :)

  • 7 years ago

    by Hellon

    This was humourous but still got the message across...we have become so dependant on technology these days and hardly notice what nature has to offer as we go through our days at such fast pace.

    Loved the ending....made me laugh out loud.

  • 7 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    *Giggles* At first, when I was reading, I felt the humor within but thought, wow this Is filled with life, inspiration and nature...a powerful mixture of awesome words... and I loved the message ..... and then at the end I burst out with laughter at your socks... ha ha I don't personally know if your socks are stinky, but the way you wrote the ending, I'll take your word for it.... ha ha ha ha ha

    excellent piece Ian :-)