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Dedication to My Grandpa

This Collection Is Dedicated to my Grandpa, James William ( Tubby ) Parker of Charlston Mo.. March 9 th 1889---December 15 th 1964
He died of diabeties two day's before my 7th Birthday
The effect he had on me in those 7 short years still define who I am today.
Thanks Papa, I hope your half as proud of me as I am you .
He only had one eye, the other one was glass, But he could see clearly what you did right or wrong & what you needed next, Praise or reprimand .
He lost both his legs to Diabeties ( He had two wooden legs )
He walked taller, because his spirit soared higher than anyone I have ever known .
He taught me that the mouse with the longest tail was the one that could get the molasses out of the jar the fastest .
But when being chased by the cat and running for its hole then the fastest one was the mouse with the shortest tail.
You see, in Poppa's eye's everything has purpose !
So I guess the purpose of this collection I've written is to show you not only some of the battles of life I've fought , But what I've been fortunate enough to come out of it with. So I truly hope you enjoy it & find Inspiration from it .

But I guess if you don't have a headache an asperin won't do you any good, Unless it would be your heart. And that is the part of you I hope to touch anyway.

The Purpose

The Purpose of the beauty of a rose.....Is to behold
The Purpose of the pain from its thorns....Is to let you know,
You must be Holding it wrong !

Theme Song For ThIs Dedication
Grandpa Tell Me Bout the Good Old Days / The Judds

Authors note of introduction

Poetry is more than just words of Rhyme,
It is a style of attitude.
Seeing the beauty of life , However hard the time
The acceptance of nature, By showing Gratitude.

To me, Poetry, At least my style of poetry is a vehicle, My vehicle.
Designed to take me where I feel I need to be. Where I can not just survive, but strive and soar victoriously towards the experience of fulfillment .
It is also a road map of where I've been. Designed with the intent of exposing the potholes that I've found in this journey known as life. Potholes so deep that you may find you've spent your lifetime
trying to climb back up to the surface just to get back on track.
Hopefully with a higher understanding of, There has to be a lesson in this and probably more than one way to continually benefit from it . By following the light of understanding.
An understanding that tells me , So far I know nothing. Nothing except I am on the right path.
One that reveals more beauty and harmony than I have ever imagined . Especially when taken in contrast to the pain life can sometimes inflict.
It has taught me that when life offers you ugliness, it is only trying to teach you the value of beauty
and give you the opportunity to discover the cause of its demise, and when beauty starts to fade
your either looking away or not looking hard enough.

So start seeing what your looking at, instead of trying to ignore,
and you will see that life is worth the price.
Because it is so much richer than it was before,You found this Poets. ..... Paradise

I pray that you migh find beauty not yet expired
and let it flourish, Bathed in simplicity

Pain has to be more than just suffering the consequences of a mistake,It is the releasing of the hurt, Creating A void , A void that is to be filled with the knowledge of that experience. Those are the two main tools for any improvement.
The more you use those tools the bigger improvement you create.
So if you must experience pain try to gain knowledge from it

I believe that scars are put upon your heart to protect the tenderness inside.
They give you the understanding to know what to let enter in and the strength to let it never get away

Thank you for joining me on this journey, When youv'e turned the last page I hope you will have retained the momentumof a little Poetry in motion
Jim McMillen

Theme Song For This note
Poetry Man / Ginger Leigh

Jim McMillen
From My Collection
The Benefit Of Light
Copyright 2007 / Published 2010

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