She is Faraway!

by KHAN   Oct 10, 2010

Life plumped like a sun

Started in a great fun

There was nothing to hurry

Nowhere it was to run���.

It was all frolic and smiles

When suddenly the times changed

Filled with journeys for miles

Life seemed to be hanged��..

A day arrived when I was going alone to school

My best buddies hung all around

There was a shrill voice that compelled me out as a fool

I have to fetch u with me I just found��

The same I did days and years long.

We both fought with life in search of a merry song.

Whatever we did was the best and

To my surprise whatever I found was really wrong�.

Angry was I but was helpless

Managed somehow to walk on the streets with you

Never knew the road will divert one day

And there will be time deficit to meet you��.

There were dances, there were games

In the beginning I felt loads of shames

Never knew that affection somewhere intensified

But emotions all the ways fortified��.

Circle of life went on and on

Exams after exams came and went away

I felt as if I did the work and its gone

But it was you because of who time so easily sway��.

My vivas were not mine

My exams were not mine

My care was not mine

But its only you who were mine��..

Cant forget the clock that stuck three at night

When all the way you make me wake and study

Cant forget the confusion of �Maths to English�

Where only you were my best buddy��..

Eyes were mine but tears were yours

Actions were mine but aims were yours

Till a day came when time changed

Pamper time was over and now fun was banned��..

Schools passed and life switched from cycle to scooter

It was a time to prove for the existence

Again you proved a header and me a footer

You did all amazing for keeping your persistence��

We studied together and tried our best

We were ahead and back were all the rest

May it be friends or dear one�s

We always tried loads and tonnes���.

Respect of family was your aim

Nothing extra ordinary you ever claimed

I became so numb I can�t say

We tried so that without you we can stay��..

I lost in midway and never knew what time will fetch

You tried to hold me and again have successful catch

I was so mad that my hand I willingly snatched

Never knew that egg of misfortune just hatched���

Alas it was too late I woke up

But I always found you behind me with tears in your eye

You always wanted me on the pinnacle

You silently tried and just put a sigh���

I did mistakes and you always corrected me

I became annoyed but you always followed truth

I never knew because of time I will be affected

But you saw at you aim and never foresee���

We shared times

We shared the hero puck key

We shared the notebooks

We shared the entire fee�..

We shared family dreams

We shared the ice creams

We shared secrets

We never did wrong so that we can regret��.

We took the pledge to be someone

A day will come when like us there will be no one

We were the eyes for parents to keep this promise

You have proved and all can claim You Are SomeOne��

Flowers and stars all have spoken , Sisters are amongst thousands.

Heard these golden words in some happening song.

I say for a sister like you even the song seems wrong�.

Because Not in 1000�s you hold your identity

But even in Millions none can compare your Serenity

You make us happy

You make us cry

Even everyday

Tears flow in my mother�s eye���

You make us delight

You make us proud

But just to talk to you

Papa has to speak really loud���.

You were the ambition

You were the ideal

Just looking at your combination

Our sister made great deal.

Gone are the schools

Gone are the vivas

Gone are the times that we can get back

But only prayers bind us

Its true but still its only you

For whom our lives lack���

Cant get back the times of joys

Cant get back the times to study again

Just one last line for you is my forever wish

May Allah never gives you any pain ���..

May Allah never gives you any pain����

With loads of tears in eyes�..

I stop for a while

But it is not the end

Because in your life

Forever you have to smile

To make our dreams for you worth while���.


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  • 11 years ago

    by KHAN

    Thnx mira.....
    do u write poems and what kinna poems u read normally.
    U belong to which nation and place?

  • 11 years ago

    by mira