Pretty little lire

by firexflys   Oct 24, 2010

Pretty little lire

Feelings crash down on my heart
You let her tear everything apart
I trusted you with everything I had
But knowing I was stupid now Im mad

I let down my wall, you said it was okay
Now I am here and you couldnt find the time of day
Drama I never wanted knocked on my door
And you didnt believe me even after I swore

hurt swamp me and the anger burns
Slowly learning you werent even concerned
I struggle with the knowledge of your mistake
And sadly my heart beings to break

Lost is a friend you know was always there
As hard as it is for me to bear
Letting go of what used to be my hope
But trust me I am learning to cope

Days are long and words are cheap
Love is rare and friend are deep
The truth wont always come our right
But lies always live with spite

So here I find myself wishing you the best
But her lies you should address
I wont be there if you fall
I hope there some you can call

© firefly

This is about trusting someone so much and them letting you down, its about not being believed about something you never did. Its about losing your best friend over a girls petty jealousy. I dont like drama and I would never do anything to hurt a friend who I cared about as much as I did this person. I cant change the fact that he does not believe me and I cant change the fact that she feel that insecure but I wont stand around being accused of something I never did. I wont let the fact that in all the years that I have know this person I have never lied to him I have never given him reason to ever think I would.


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