Calling My Name

by Simikiel   Nov 15, 2010

Depression, resentment, anger, denial
why must I feel things so vile?
Sadness, rage, envy, pain,
why do they push themselves through my veins?
Regret, retreat, refusal, revenge,
I'm starting to want to fall off this ledge.
The dark below is calling to me
screaming that it will set me free.
The light behind is sickening
wailing with a ghastly ring.
Wherever it falls it scours and burns
I look back and as I do my stomach churns.
Down below there is silence
freedom from this malevolence.
But I can't be with the one I love
if I take that step, he'll forever be above me, unreachable,
I can't take that torture, I'm able
to stand the scorching light for him.
I can step back from this rim
so long as he's there to ease this pain
I can ignore the darkness
calling my name.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Angel

    Thats life put into words
    your poems are amazing
    you help me describe my life to others