Think About It

by Simikiel   Nov 17, 2011

People fear what they don't understand.
Is it fear that makes them hate and brand?
Is it fear that leads them to put others down?
It was fear that put that poor girl underground.
Why did she do it?
Why did she take her life?
Because others were cutting her with their serrated knifes.
Her parents, her friends, cutting her low
Every word, every insult a deathly blow.
Tell her she's ugly
Say you don't care
Push her farther into despair.
She already thinks she's invisible, worthless
She already knows that she's failing her test.
She knows her parents are waiting at home
Waiting to tear at her with every blow.
At school, she's awkward, quick to hide
How can she trust?
When her life is a lie?
Then here they come
With their sadistic smiles
They grin to her face
And spit venom so vile.
They make fun of her bruises
Her bleeding within
They call her weak, pathetic, useless,
Dragging her closer to her end.
She goes home that night
She sits and she cries.
The next thing she remembers
Is the flashing of lights
The medics are all running around
Her life half wasted on the ground.
She's in the hospital for a month
Why is she there?
Because people like you rip and tear
Before you decide to open your mouth
Think about the person you talk about.
Do you really know what the person's going through?Do you really know what your hateful words will do?
You may think it's nothing to tear people down
But your hateful words can put them in the ground.
And before you think this is all just a story
Something made up to make you feel guilty.
Take a close look
What do you see?
Because that girl
Who lied and cried
Who almost died?
She was me.


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