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hi. my name is graceful raven. i use this site for inspiration and soon i will start putting my poems up here. im a pessimist and i am into the whole black and red theme with a passion. i believe that people like me are made the way we are, which is a blessing and a curse. other people do influence me in the actions they take against me, and since ive dealt with unmoral and unjust people, im not quick to let them hurt me. i will talk if you ask. im not antisocial, just cautious. i hope to meet some good friends on here.

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  • "Beauty is thy name."
    Cursed is your game...

  • People fear what they don't understand.
    Is it fear that makes them hate and brand...

  • Walk across the burning black sand
    Diseased by the monstrosities of man...

  • I don't understand how everything fell through so...
    How everything so easily slipped from my grasp...

  • Depression, resentment, anger, denial
    why must I feel things so vile...

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  • "sometimes the line between light and darkness is not easily distinguished. We must choose to see it"

    11 years ago
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