Her name is Fred

by David Munoz   Nov 21, 2010

So I have this friend, Her name is Fred
And she is pretty neat
She talks a lot, but that's alright
She enjoys running with her feet

And she is funny when she's stressed
She studies hard to pass her tests
But never forgets to pass the time
Wasting it away online

While sometimes things get her down
She puts on a smile and passes it around
To all the people she sees, day and night
And even to the strangers she knows on Skype

She knows she's at Grace though grace
And her thankfulness shows on her face
To a God who opens and closes doors
One she would do anything for

She knows how to pass away the night
Typing away under florescent light
Trying so hard to make the grade
Listening to a serenade

So maybe she's an Argentine
And to some that might not be fine
But to me, I call her friend
One I will cherish until the end

*Silly, yes. Random poem I sent to my friend who is now my fiancée. :)


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