Good Christian

by Mark Spencer   Apr 15, 2011

Good Christian
By Mark Spencer

You tell me you're a good Christian,
That's what you have confessed.
You act like you know everything,
Like you're divinely blessed.

You look down on those around you,
With judgment in your eyes.
You cannot be one of the flock,
You want the shepherd's prize.

You claim to know the mind of God,
He whispers in your ear.
You say He shares His will with you,
And you share what you hear.

You act like you're above it all,
Like you are free of sin.
And if we do not follow YOU,
Our souls will be condemned.

But if rebuke should come your way,
With scripture on its side,
You'll just attack my character
With venom born of pride.

You claim to be a good Christian,
But I will disagree.
The one who must exalt himself,
Will never truly see.

For self is all your eyes behold,
To God's will, you are blind.
And if the flock should follow you
A pit is all they'll find.

For he who leads, but can't be led,
Is inane and hollow.
While your own pride and vanity
Are the gods you follow.

The one who lies in our Lord's name
Exalts himself to men.
He blasphemes the Holy Spirit,
And can't be freed from sin.

You claim to be a good Christian,
Insisting this is true.
Yet deep within Hell's pit, you'll find
Good Christians, just like you.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Rusheena

    Amazing! It covers everything that needs to be said for today's "leaders," and I love the flow and how honest this is. Great job!

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