A Prayer In Prose

by Mark Spencer   Jun 23, 2011

A Prayer In Prose

Lord of heaven and earth, you who have set the color to the canvas,
And brought forth all things -- hear my prayer.
In this moment of reflection I call on you.
I am but a fleck upon the canvas of creation, yet I know that I matter.
I matter because Jesus gave His all, that I might find salvation from my iniquities.
I know that this gift comes not as the result of any deed that I have done,
Nor for any supposed righteousness that I might believe is in my heart,
But for the mercy that dwells within you.
For you have said that I, and my brethren, have become like one who is unclean,
And all of our righteous acts are as filthy rags.
Like shriveled leaves in a strong wind, we are swept away by our sins.
We have cast you out of our hearts, and banished you from our sight,
And yet the hand of salvation remains outstretched.
We have replaced your edicts with our own, calling good evil, and evil good.
We embrace the principals of damnation, like lovers in the heat of passion.
We covet earthly comforts, then excuse these actions saying:
"This is God's will"
because we believe that we are more worthy of these comforts
than the underprivileged soul who struggles against the currents,
yet never loses his faith in you.
We are vain,
And wholly unworthy of the sacrifice our Savior made for us...
And yet the hand of salvation remains outstretched.
Who are we?
Who am I?
Am I the name given me at birth?
Am I the sum of the deeds that I have done here on earth?
For what have I done...really?
When the earth reaches its end, and is swept away by the winds of time,
Will the labors of my life not be swept away as well?
On that day, will any record of me remain within the physical universe?
If not, then WHO am I?
I'm a man who tries to be better than the world would have me be,
embracing honor and morality...
But aren't these also earthly deeds?
I have struggled for many years with this question.
The answer cannot be found in the things that I do,
Or the principles by which I live.
It can't be found in what I believe,
Or even in the righteousness that I pursue.
I am not a reaction to the material world,
I am a reaction to YOU.
Who I am is found within the blood of my Savior,
For there...I am worthy.
These earthly deeds, and "righteous" acts, are as filthy rags,
Polluted by my sinful nature.
Is that who I am?
For if it is; who among us can be saved?
If I am nothing more that THIS...flesh,
Will I not, one day, crumble to dust?
Yet Jesus did not sacrifice Himself for the flesh;
He didn't suffer for the sake of this body;
He suffered for WHO I am.
If I reach out my earthly hand, can I take hold of His heavenly one?
It will never be so!
This hand of flesh and blood is unworthy!
But not I, not WHO I am!
Because the hand of salvation remains outstretched!
Who I am cannot be found in a mirror's reflection,
It is reflected in the eyes of my Savior.
Without THAT reflection...
I am nothing more than a crumbling cage of flesh and bone.
It has taken far too long for me to learn this lesson.
Jesus fought my war, and won my freedom...
Long before I was ever born.
I have no struggle,
Save for the ones imagined in my mind.
Satan has no power!
That fell on the battlefield long ago.
Who am I?
I am yours Lord, as I have always been,
And I pray this truth never escapes me again.
You have made me...ME,
And I am worthy,
because the hand of salvation remains outstretched.
Words cannot express my gratitude
for the patience and mercy you have shown me.
I know that I will stumble again
As I continue down the path that you have paved for me.
But I also know you'll be there to catch me when I do,
As you have throughout my life.
And when I reach the end of my road,
I will take hold of salvation's hand...
And I will never let it go!
Glory to God in the highest!


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