by Forever Broken   Jul 13, 2011

Blood covers the streets i walk
they paint a violent past
hope is a dream, love a memory
here such things can't last

In this world demons are not fables
they are as real as you or I
In stories heros slay them
but here they never die

they thrive off mortal suffering
so there is plenty to go around
the few mortals who live here
are soon never to be found

the demons seek the darkness
that lurks inside their heart
they feed it till it's all consuming
and it rips the mortals apart

the demons eat their fill of darkness
a taste bitter and bloody sweet
in any street or alley
they care not to be discrete

this tale is a true one
and if it gave you a scare
im sorry but im not afraid
cause this is my nightmare


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  • 10 years ago

    by Jack Nightengale

    Such imagery was poured into this nightmare.
    A great dark poem

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