Self Titled

by Forever Broken   Jul 2, 2012

No matter how many breaths you take you still can't breathe
with no one left for you to decieve
torn apart by the pieces of your world come crashing down
you took your last breath and willed yourself to drown!
I stood powerless to save you from yourself
it was me who took the blame for the one who couldn't be helped
and now you come at me
claming you're so sorry
and ask me to stand by you once more
but i have played this game too many times before
I wont give in, no not again
to someone claiming to be a friend!
this time I can see right through you
you dont know me as well as you think you do.
I feel no guilt for your decay
it was you who willed it to be this way
beaten, broken, and torn apart
the remains of my unbeating heart!
It is here i stand on this wavering line
of good intentions, and evil devine


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  • 11 years ago

    by Krysten

    Amazing! I love it! I can most asuredly feel your pain in this poem. But it also shows your strength. I'm in a similar place right now, and i pray ill have the same strength to turn him away. Again great power 5/5

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