by Forever Broken   Jul 2, 2012

Was looking for someone to talk to
Was wishing that you were around
Cause I might push everyone else away
But all i really want is to be found
Can't tell you how long I've been missing
There's not much about me I recall
Couldn't tell you a thing about myself
Or if I even existed at all
I don't know if it's any help to you
But I've been finding someones pieces for awhile
I used to think that they were mine
But this persons pieces have a smile
So I guess they couldn't be my pieces
For the one thing that I do know
is that the last time i really smiled
Was a very long long time ago
You say I don't know who you are
So why do I want to talk to you so bad?
I guess it's because we share one thing
The fact that we are always sad
But if you say you can't understand me
Then I guess it will be a sign
That maybe I should just give up
On the me I can never find


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