Eat These Words

by Forever Broken   Jul 2, 2012

I feel like running away
but there you are again
standing in my way
try to think of clever things
clever things you could say
to make me stumble
to make me sway
but i know the rules
to this little game you play
tell me that I'm wrong
as if if you wouldn't betray
wouldn't leave me behind
behind to rot and decay
what you dont understand
is even if you'd stay
nothing could ever convince me
to make my bed and lay
atleast not next to you
so come whatever may
but I still wont regret
the decision i made that day
and I hope that you read this
cause it feels so good to say
when i left you behind
it was meant to stay that way


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  • 11 years ago

    by Krysten

    Again wonderful poem! Beautifuly written, and such raw emotion. Another 5/5

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