Satchmo, Scat-mo, shoo-bop-do-bop Blues *Jazzy Poetry*

by Nick who Plays Pool   Oct 5, 2011

The first part should be sung to jazz, the second is scat, and the final is all about blues. I hope you can read it the way that I wrote it;

When night- falls on- New Orleans
Moonlight and bright neon lights reunite

I dream of jazz and scat and blues
Brass-made serenades- among socialites

And Im Never! No, Im never! Happier! Than a night, on the town!
Ella, sing it!

Shi-bi-di-bop-do-wop! Rat-a-tat-tat-tat play the drums!
Im sailing down highway of fat Scat words!
A golden age played on a stage! Listen to it!

Hey Louis! Play your trumpet!

*Trumpet solo carries on for half a minute*

Satchmo: How was that?

Ella: Keep singing, Louis!

Satchmo: Okay!

So I hop on train of rhythm-y blues
Downtown New Orleans, you can hear all the tunes!
But suddenly- that train comes to a stop.
The wild dancing and noise all flop.

New Orleans gives to day
The patron saints no longer play
Whether jazz or scat or blues
All good people eventually-

So goodbye, Louis Armstrong. We'll all deeply miss you.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Jessica

    This I Wonderful! I Loved Reading It!!
    You Have Raw Talent,!
    It Was Such A Great Read For Me! Good Work!