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I'm back after nearly four years of hardship, laughter, misery and hope, with just a few intermissions. That curtain I mentioned hasn't drawn yet, oh no, this play about life isn't over for years of being both dumb & wise! I'd be happy if you'd comment on my old work, I'll try to upload some new poems and quotes.

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  • I figure we have three perspectives on life: the innocence of our youth, the bombardment of -isms in our middle years, and the wisdom found at the end of the road.

    11 years ago
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  • A cool head sinks the ball on the first shot.
    An impatient person knocks the 8-ball in on the break.
    I prefer the more likely one.


    11 years ago
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  • There's nothing strange about insanity, it's very natural.

    15 years ago
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