For You

by Captain Lonesome   Oct 16, 2011

Smash me, thrash me, then tear me up inside
Chill me, it thrills me, I don't need to hide

I've agreed, now I'm in need to sedate this rage
One yelp, please help it's more than I can wage

To late, due date, guess I'll face it on my own
No matter, teeth chatter, turning into stone

Its not bills or all night thrills, I continue to wonder why
It's not work or that stupid jerk, I breathe out a worn out sigh

Fake a smile for a while, because I'm above ground and breathing
Now it's out, there's a doubt, my sword needs no more sheathing

My friends, it ends, I will no longer hold back
I'll do what's true, to stand against the attack

Got your back, what you lack, just trust in me
I'll fight them all, risk it all, just to set you free

If my pain was measured in rain, I'd make deadly flood
Can't disguise the truth in my eyes, I'm ready for some blood

Hearts monolog, filled with dialog, that's rarely understood
Reason why is not pride, its compassion that's truly good

Bringing luck, to those stuck, is what I am all about in life
In a blink, before I think, I act to bring an end to others strife

I'm here, please don't fear, friend to all who accept me
Compassion within, patience thin, sacrificing is key

Ready to explode, can't hold, the fire inside anymore
Been down, no crown, but will protect for sure

Unpaved, yet still saved is this broken heart of mine
I'll do the same, for the lame, and all the rest in time


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Cinnamonspice

    A friends should be all these things, to fight, to comfort, to protect those he holds dear. To sacrifice their time and their hearts. A real friend is always ready..Your poem spoke of that kind of person.
    You penned it with power and strength. An awesome write and I'm proud to say I consider you a friend of mine.


  • 8 years ago

    by Innocent Fairy

    Wow this poem is surely something and a wonderful friendship poem indeed and it flows and rhymes very nicely :) :) very good I loved it :) very fantastic :) 10/10