by Captain Lonesome   Mar 19, 2022

So many lives and families are unfortunately cut short beyond their control

Lifes end is imminent but when it's too early or unexpected it's a much heavier toll

Those taken from us still remain in our hearts, our memories, and our dreams

Yet so many others take for granted the time with which they've been blessed it seems

Each and every moment is a precious gift, an invaluable treasure

Why do so many disregard it when not endowed with instantaneous personal pleasure

How many would give anything for the chance of just one more day

Why do the selfish feel entitled to let so much time just slip away

The pain of loss can easily haunt those left behind for many years

So too the lack love, understanding, and harmony can produce many tears

My heart goes out to those who've lost those closest to them, whose hearts have suffered annihilation

My indignation rages at those who waste the time and treasures right in front of them, whose hearts are ruled by inconsideration

I wish for peace, resolution, and hope for all parties concerned

Enduring through the struggles and pain, peace is what they've earned


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