Stressful Hoping

by Captain Lonesome   Apr 7, 2022

Inside of me, there's a memory of you,
Kissing me, when our love was true.

Days I long, to bring back to light,
Wooing you, once more with all my might.

Vacant voids, in desperate need of filling,
A stale partnership, in dire need of thrilling.

Hearts barely beating, worlds apart,
Desires halted, before they're start.

Regrets rampedly running, and misleading,
Dreams left marred, and bleeding.

Learning to exhibit dignity in defeat,
Overcoming and facing what needs to be beat.

Reigniting trust somehow, someway,
Rekindling love to be epic, someday.


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  • 2 years ago

    by mistake

    Honestly that is the poem that has hit home the most with me in my reading tonight. Time will heal, but the scars remain! I hope you there are at least some small holes you can find light, even if there’s a black hole trying to drown it out. Keep moving until you forget my post x

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