I Don't Need To Change My Hair

by CathyButterflyJC   Jan 17, 2012

I Don't Need To Change My Hair
To Josh
By K. V.

Please don't judge me
You know I love you
But I never want to change for you
You make me happy

Stop striking me down
I feel insecure about myself
Your words can harm me
We tease each other and I enjoy it

Try not to go as far as to make me cry

I'm not indestructible
I'm not invincible
My heart can break
My faith in me can crack
Some smiles are fake
You can build me up
But you can make me fall

I love to be with you

I've let you see my faces
I've showed you the unshown
I've uncovered so many skins
I'm happy with myself until you try to change me
When you act like I'm not good enough
That makes me feel so bare
I'm not happy with myself
But I'm getting there.

I'm not as weak
I trust you
And I know you're not trying to hurt me
But my deepest layers
They are half hidden
And I want to speak them out
Let them be revealed

Please like me for who I am
And show me who you are
I want to know everything

Tease me but don't shot me
Goof around with me
But don't slap me
Tell me the truth
But hear me out

Try to bug me all you want
But don't stab me
Annoy me like crazy
Get under my skin
Please don't shattered glass over my head
Or take my breath to drown it

I'm scared you'll leave me
I'm fearful to lose you

You pick on me so much
The ropes burn me
The chains they bend me
Your knifes thy cut me
Your pitchforks they slice me

Your kind words they lift me
All your touches they are growing me
Your presence, it carries me

Pock at me
But put the big guns down
I want to love me for who I am
Not make the me everyone wants me to be

We tease each other and that's funny
But it's not funny when you make me bleed

I'm stuck on you
You make me lose myself
You can shut off the thunder storm
Please don't send out a hurricane

I don't wanna change my hair
It shouldn't affect us being a pair
If only you were there, in my heart
When I feel the lightning bolt
And feel the brightest side of the sun!

I know I love you


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