I Love You(Happy One Month-Anniversary)

by CathyButterflyJC   Jan 24, 2012

I put all my heart and soul into this and there I could have said but excluded if I looked back on those times now, that weren't too long ago, but all are gone. This is the third poem I wrote, the first guy I ever wanted to write poems for. I've been meaning to submit this for a while, since I gave it to him after Christmas vacation before we fill down, and he moved from me. PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS, I'VE NEVER WORKED HARDER ON A POEM, I PUT EVERYTHING I HAD INTO THE POEM. I MISS YOU, I STILL LOVE YOU JOSH!
Here it is:

'I Love You(Happy One Month Anniversary Josh)

All the time it's the same, I've gotten lost in your eyes.
When I'm without you I feel like a block of ice!
I want to kiss your lips but I'm full of fright.
Whenever I see your face it's like I was unknowingly in a cave and you became my sudden light!

All day my thoughts play up tales of you and me and all contining nights.
I use to wonder why anyone believes in love when it never turns out right!
But when I met you, I grew wings of faith and belief.
I daydream and play up imaginative films of the heart stealing thief!

I stay awake thinking of just you.
What to say, what to do?
Your laughter the sweetest sound.
Your smile keeps going around!

I want to hear everything you have to say!
I want to chase your dreams with you each day!
I want to have your arms around me without me asking!
I want you to know you're my wishes on stars, birthday candles, and Christmas miracles!

Call me wild but your voice drives me crazy.
Every time we hug I want to stay there forever being lazy!
There are days I'm dead set that you're an angel truly.
The warmth of your heart is deeply!
When I cry from the pain you become my blessed cain.
And to be away from you frives me up the gates od insane!

Making you laugh is when I really feel like we're in love.
You're my beloved gift from heaven above!
I never thought the love bug could bite this hard.
When I'm with you I want to break my walls and limit my guard!

When my hand's in yours the world feels right.
And I can't imagine a better life!
I'm not used to feeling this happy and anxious.
Like huge hands might decide you're too good and swap you up all away!

The only thing that heals all wounds is your smile.
Seeing your smile is happiness for way over a mile!
When you call me I feel like I'm not a square.
When we say I love you I feel unbelievable care!

If only you could see all my thoughts.
You could see my fears and why I always fought!
Why I run from someone I've been looking for more than the cleanest air.
Scared to speak when there's so much out there!

Three walls surrounded me since a heartbreak changed my world!
Wait to speak the words I love you, they will change your life!
No matter how happy you think you are or how much you think you're in love, don't think marriage is a given, it will melt a hole in your heart!
Don't kiss until you're beyond ready, it will control your life!
Three walls surrounded me since a heart's letdown came too close to taking my life!

When you stand up for me I feel unconditional love.
Like we could touch the spot where all love is made of!
Being beside you is like a soaring dove.
The spot I want to be at, the most comfortable glove!

I've never felt this way.
An unexplored bay!
Like I've never been this daring.
Even though being tongue tied is a bearing!

Thanks for all the ways you make me smile!!
Thanks for the memories, there's a pile!!
You're stuck to my heart like glue!!
I love you!!!

Love K. V.':)


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Sidh Swabhav

    Feeling true love is like feeling God. Cute, genuine 24 carat gold feelings.

  • 7 years ago

    by Francisco

    Thats a cute poem

  • 8 years ago


    Just outstanding in every way.
    No words can describe how great this poem is.
    I'm in awe of it..

  • 8 years ago

    by Yrem Crish

    I love the way you write with your poems...your so talented and you put all your feelings in this poem...great gurl=)wish to read more poems from you",

  • 8 years ago

    by tainted melody

    I could tell you really put a lot of emotion into this and you meant every word of it...there were several lines that really stood out to me, lines that i will remember...which is the sign of a good writer:) g/j