The Two Party Sick System

by Glenn G   Feb 12, 2012

We have a war within our own shores
All the Democrats and Republicans do is fight anymore
Our enemies have decided that if they stay low key
Our own government will be the ones who destroy our country
Our fore fathers created our country to be a beacon on a hill
Two hundred years later their off-spring has let the whole system fail
With their on going battles and never ending war
Nobody votes their conscience anymore
All they know is to vote for bills along party lines
I bet they seldom read them
Or care what kind of shit they might find

America the beautiful
Land of the free
Let's vote out the Democrats and Republicans
And start a people's party
We need one that lobbyists can not get to
And money can not sway
And one that cares more for the country
Than how long in office they can stay

It's time to stand up and say we have had enough
Pack up your bags and clear out your stuff
We are tired of paying for all YOUR mistakes
That caters to the lobbyists and foreign states
We are Americans, some rich and some poor
But you don't represent what we want anymore
Your self interests can no longer be hidden
And the American Peoples needs can no longer be stricken


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